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Workshops & Seminars

custom made for your company

40 years of experience in music performances (live and in the studio), leading bands, traveling the world, arranging music structures, composing music, teaching & coaching formed a new foundation to guide and inspire the corporate branche.

On demand I am able to create a custom made session to help your company to go through changing phases, merging companies / departments or growth processes. 
The best way to inspire people in a group process is to lead them into the world of group percussive playing. 

Keywords: growing confidence, upgrade communication, strengthen company vision, synchronicity, work flow, connecting and general improvement.

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Bericht ontvangen!

our references:

Koen Thijssen - CEO at INSIFY:

“Excellent workshop on the value of having a clear agenda for meetings inside the company and the freedom that comes with it. No other training gives your employees the chance to learn about this in such an enjoyable way. Our annual off-session site's with Juan was the undisputed high point, and staff members were really ecstatic about it.”

Emma Ozinga - Office Manager PACMED:

"Juan presented us with a wonderful day of energy and music. He led us with great enthusiasm and knowledge, and through effective teamwork, we were able to create wonderful music as a unit. 

A fantastic team-building exercise that set the tone for our celebration of our product launch."

Carolina Calzolari- Program Manager THNK:

"The drumming session led by Juan was a beautiful experience in our leadership program. After two days of exploring very logical and technical topics in our program, Juan's drumming session assisted our participants (and myself) to feel more grounded and connected with our hearts. The session was playful and fun and helped us explore the vulnerability of trying to learn something new together - I highly recommend it!"

We work with the best percussion tools available for workshops:

Team building - Getting Connected - Leadership by Creativity


Product presentations

Technical training for drummers

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