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introduction by: Juan van Emmerloot

There is no such thing as a magic powder or a magic drink, to make you become a better drummer; you have to be committed to your study path and you need to have discipline to be able to develop by little steps. Also I think it's always good to remember to be patient as progress will show in a slower paste than you wish. In the years I too had to learn to embrace the process of improving rather than constantly focusing on the end result! You will get there eventually....

But here is another thing you have to keep in mind: there is a lot of drum lesson material on the market like books, videos, online lessons you name it...it is all out there! But you know what? You don’t need to learn it all!

Here is a TIP: make a list with the things that you would like to learn in the first place and then find the material that is created to make progress on those certain subjects.

Now I can hear you ask: "Yes, but where do I start and with what do I have to focus on for how long?!"

Exactly here is where the revealing of my secrets starts: the drum course that I created titled: Drumming Secrets Revealed - "Grow from Basic to Advanced"  will definitely help you with finding your way in studying; it is all based on experience with the struggle of me as a student in the first place and secondary my experience as a drum teacher at the conservatorium where I taught for 13 years and today as a coach for drummers at the Groove Impact Academy.


Finally one more thing that is highly important; have FUN while you practice and improve your playing! That will keep you going for sure.

When I created this course, I had certain students in mind, namely students who:

- can work independently

- who are innovative 

- dare to challenge themselves!

One last thing: progress in development can be huge in the beginning, after a certain time it normally slows down a bit, sometimes so much that is feels like you aren't making any progress at all.....but don’t worry; just keep on studying. In that way you will always move forwards, never backwards!


photo: Giulia Petrello