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You have reached the page for my teaching methods, where I am using my experience from 30 years of teaching and coaching drummers to share my knowledge from 40 years (!) of playing concerts, international tours, and studio recording sessions.

You probably found this page because: ​

  • you want structure so that you can advance in your studies more quickly

  • you're in need of improving your musical abilities as a drummer

  • you are a drum-teacher and you're seeking for a cool teaching concept to employ with your students

  • you want to get better at drumming and practice more often whenever it's convenient for you

  • ​ have come to the right place! On this website, people just like you can access the study program for drummers and drum teachers 
  • more than 246 HQ training-videos! Pick the course that best suits your needs, and get started right now! It will undoubtedly improve your performance! 


"Song Analysis & Arrangements" 

"Instant Groove Composing"

"Grow from Basic to Advanced"

Wouter van Tornhout (drummer of MIKA): 


"There are many teachers out there but when it comes to motivation and coaching, Juan makes it happen. Drummingsecretesrevealed is a fantastic program that truly inspires me. The lessons are built up in a logical way that it’s both fun and challenging! If you want to play drums the right way, and reach the next level, this is a valuable resource for both teachers and students."                              

Sophie van Dommelen (drum student HBA, NL): 

"In addition to the book Drumming Secrets Revealed - 'Grow from Basic to Advanced,' the online program is quite useful." It aids in the rapid development of your reading and listening skills. Everything is stated in a straightforward and concise manner. 

The videos are an excellent complement to the book. My experience has been that it functions as a self-study package with online teaching and once-a-month offline coaching, allowing you to practice in a focused manner and continue to progress as a drummer." 

Jonas Blitz (drum student DSR, Germany): 

"Great drummer, who shares great advice and techniques! Highly recommended!" 

Kees de Jong (drummer of THE POLICED, NL):

"I have been working on the book for a few of weeks. Many tasks appeared simple at first, but proved to be difficult. The educational videos are quite beneficial to me. I've noticed that both my drumming and reading have improved! A good all-around reference book with a lot of well-chosen exercises. The final product is quite good. It's a little on the costly side, but that's quickly compensated for by the vast array of instructional videos available online! The best part is that it's all part of a well-thought-out system... I'm now having a lot more fun with my study exercises... thanks, Juan!"

Stef Zwartveld (drumcoach at Online Drumlessen, NL):

"This course is perfect from beginner to advanced. It takes into account playing snare patterns, playing accents, translating those to tom grooves, and eventually playing them in grooves. It is a musical take on drumming which will enrich your musical hearing as a drummer. Juan takes you through his philosophy of playing drums and making music!"

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