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Robbin Penney, CA

"I feel that I'm learning necessary and valuable skills that will elevate my playing and will also build my confidence behind the kit."

Harry Hendriks, NL

"My drumming has improved a lot. Step by step Juan teaches you all the aspects of drumming. I really reccommend this course!"

Jonas Blitz, DE

"Great drummer, who shares great advice and techniques! Highly recommended!" 

You probably found this page because: 

  • ​you want to learn how to add more feel and musicality to your drumming

  • you are searching for a way to play without having performance stress

  • you need practical tips to make progress in your chops

  • you are a drum-teacher and you're seeking for a cool teaching concept to employ with your students

Then this is the RIGHT place! On this website, you can access this high-end study program for drummers and drum teachers ​

* more than 246 HQ drum-training videos!!

Patrick Leenheers, NL

"This course provides me with the inspiration and encouragement to take my drumming from a hobby to a professional practice."

Stef Zwartveld

(CEO at Online Drumlessen)

"This course is perfect from beginner to advanced. It is a musical take on drumming which will enrich your musical hearing as a drummer."

Kees de Jong

(drummer - The Policed)

"The educational videos are beneficial to me. I have noticed that both my drumming and reading have improved!" 

What the pros say: 

"Drumming Secretes Revealed is a fantastic program that truly inspires me. The lessons are built up in a logical way that it’s both fun and challenging! If you want to play drums the right way, and reach the next level, this is a valuable resource for both teachers and students." 

Wouter van Tornhout (drummer of MIKA, teacher at the Jazz & Pop conservatory of Gent, Belgium):

The courses:

Learn how to create a professional study schedule, build up your endurance and focus in playing drums.

Besides improving your technical abilities you will become more creative at composing your grooves and fills!

In this course you will gradually learn how to study by first playing each section of song's whole arrangement independently, whilst improving your sound projection. As if you are preparing yourself for a studio recording session.

If you follow his course you will discover how to expand your music creativity in finding new grooves and chops. Everything you need to learn to support music in the best way to become that next level drummer!

Your drum coach:


"Grow from Basic to Advanced"


"Song Analysis & Arrangements" 


"Instant Groove Composing"

"Grow from Basic to Advanced"

Improve your technical skills on the drum set

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"Song Analysis & Arrangements" 

Get ready for studio recording sessions

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"Instant Groove Composing"

Scale up your creativity in grooves and chops

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(only for course 2 & 3)

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