Welcome to the page for my method for DRUMMERS!

You've arrived to this page, so I'm guessing you're looking to improve your drumming talents! 

This website contains information on my drumming study program for drummers like you. But first, let's see what my online course's participants have to say about it.....


"There are many teachers out there but when it comes to motivation and coaching, Juan makes it happen. Drummingsecretesrevealed is a fantastic program that truly inspires me. The lessons are built up in a logical way that it’s both fun and challenging! If you want to play drums the right way, and reach the next level, this is a valuable resource for both teachers and students."


Wouter van Tornhout (MIKA)                                


"Juan's introduction to learning the rudiments and applying them to the drumset is not only informative but also entertaining. 

Step by step, he demonstrates how combining single and double strokes may give the drummer a lot more room and options on the drum kit. 

He's the ideal instructor and tutor for giving young and aspiring drummers the tools they need to advance their skills. 

So, Juan, thank you for your encouragement and drive, and keep up the good job!" 

Peter van Dijk (REPLY TO ALL)


"In addition to the book Drumming Secrets Revealed - 'Grow from Basic to Advanced,' the online program is quite useful." It aids in the rapid development of your reading and listening skills. Everything is stated in a straightforward and concise manner. 

The videos are an excellent complement to the book. My experience has been that it functions as a self-study package with online teaching and once-a-month offline coaching, allowing you to practice in a focused manner and continue to progress as a drummer." 

Sophie van Dommelen (drum student HBA)


"I've been working on the book for a few of weeks. Many tasks appeared simple at first, but proved to be difficult. The educational videos are quite beneficial to me. I've noticed that both my drumming and reading have improved! A good all-around reference book with a lot of well-chosen exercises. The final product is quite good. It's a little on the costly side, but that's quickly compensated for by the vast array of instructional videos available online! The best part is that it's all part of a well-thought-out system... I'm now having a lot more fun with my study exercises... thanks, Juan!"


Kees de Jong (THE POLICED)

There is no such thing as a miracle powder or a magic potion that will make you a better drummer; you must be dedicated to your studies and disciplined enough to progress in small steps. Also, I believe it's important to remember to be patient, as development will take longer than you expect. Over the years, I've had to learn to appreciate the process of improvement rather than focused just on the end product! You'll get there in the end.... 

But there's one more thing to consider: there's a lot of drum lesson material available, including books, DVDs, and internet classes. You name it...all it's out there!


But, guess what? You don't have to learn everything! 

Here's a hint: Make a list of the things you'd like to study first, and then look for content that has been produced to help you progress in those areas. 

"Yes," you say, "but where do I begin, and what do I have to concentrate on for how long?"

Here's where I start revealing my secrets: the drum course I created, Drumming Secrets Revealed - "Grow from Basic to Advanced," will undoubtedly assist you in navigating your way through your studies; it's all based on my own struggles as a student, as well as my experience as a drum teacher at the conservatory where I taught for 13 years, and now as a drummer coach at the Groove Impact Academy since 2013...


I've now designed two products that can be used independently or in combination. 

1. a paper book for € 85,- 

2. an online course with 125 videos for $ 79,99 for a lifetime. 


Some people prefer to study from a book, while others prefer to follow along with the instructional videos. However, if you want the greatest results, using both items together will provide you with more detailed information!


Finally, and most importantly, have a good time while practicing and improving your skills! That will undoubtedly keep you going. 

When I designed this course, I had a certain group of students in mind: students who: - can work independently - are creative - are willing to take risks! 

Last but not least, while development can be rapid at first, it usually slows down after a while, sometimes to the point where it appears that you aren't making any progress at all.....but don't panic; just keep learning. You will always move forward, never backwards, in this manner!

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