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Juan's BIO

Juan van Emmerloot is a Dutch drummer, music producer and composer (born 12 November 1965 in Waalwijk).


Juan started playing drums and percussion at the age of 10 at the local music school where he followed lessons of Marius Spikmans. He joined his first band 'Penthouse' and played live performances at the age of 13. He continued studying music in school until the age of 17. The next step was intensive musical training at the Rotterdam Conservatory. In that same period artist Rudy DeQueljoe introduced Juan to the Dutch rock/pop scene and recognised him as a young talented drummer. In addition he was asked to play with Kaz Lux (Brain Box), Julya Lo'Ko, Laura Fygi & Robby Valentine on tours in The Netherlands.


Live performances

From 1993 he played on stage with various guitar players and singers such as: Mick Moody & Bernie Marsden (White Snake), Omar Dykes (Omar & The Howlers) and Poppa Chubby. The years following, Juan performed on tours with some of the world's greatest guitarists: Snowy White (Roger Waters, Thin Lizzy), Walter Trout, Mick Rogers (Manfred Man's Earthband), Pat Travers, Steve Lukather and some other great performers.

Besides touring in Europe he also toured through Asia with the artists Robby Valentine and Valensia. He went on a tour in North America with acoustic guitarist Peppino D'Agostino who was chosen to be the best guitar player in the United States of year 2007. Until 2018, Juan played on many tours with Snowy White & The Whiteflames. In this band he played together with Max Middleton (Kate Bush, Chris Rea) and Walter Latupeirissa.


Studio performances

The first time van Emmerloot entered a studio to do a professional studio gig was at the age of 17; he was invited to play on a record of the band of Rudi de Queljoe (Massada, Vitesse) in Joe's Garage Recording studio. After making his entry as a freelance drummer, Juan was asked frequently at the big Dutch studios: Dureco Studios, Wisseloord Studios and Fendal Sound Studios. In 1996 he did his first international studio session for Snowy White at Jacob's Studio, where he had the chance to play tracks with Gary Moore, Chris Rea and David Gilmour. Through this session he played in various studios in the UK, such as Black Barn Studios (Surrey), Barefoot Studio (London) and Curtis Schwartz Studio (Surrey). Other studios where he performed on drums are Real Life Studios (FA), the Urban Recording Studios and Bios Music Productions (IT) and The Sandlane Recording Facilties (NL)




Today's bands


van Emmerloot is a steady band member of the SBL, which stands for 'Stef Burns League'. In the 12 years past, their music has evolved from instrumental guitar fusion to energetic pop rock songs. 

Line up: Stef Burns - guitars, lead vocal, Paola Zadra - bass, backing vocals, Juan van Emmerloot - drums, backing vocals



Besides paying rock music, Juan has a love for soul and funk; since 2015 he started working as a producer / drummer with jazz singer & songwriter Frederike Schonis. After 4 single productions & releases a band-commitment has formed between Albert van Dorssen (keys Licks and Brains), Frederike Schonis (vocalist FRE) and Juan. In this band the three of them work as co-writers. From January 2020 they formed a band and named it FREDERIKE MUSIC and signed a record deal with the label New Jazz Adventure. In the trio line up of this band Juan performs on bass guitar. 



This ensemble was founded in 2019 by Kayak & Symfo Classics singer Edward Reekers. The repertoire is a selection of symphonic and progressive rock songs that is updated annually. The set selection includes well-known songs and standout performances by Alan Parsons, Genesis, Yes, and Supertramp.

Permanent line-up : Edward Reekers keys and vocals (Kayak, Ayreon) Mark Bogert - guitar ( Knight Area + Magoria)Nadine Pruim - vocals (Magoria)Juan van Emmerloot - drums (Snowy White, Steve Lukather)Charles Nagtzaam - bass (Frank Boeijen)Jeffrey Revet - keys (Stream Of Passion, Redstecks)

Special guests: Judith Rijnveld - vocals (Kingfisher Sky), Damian Wilson - vocals (Threshold , Aren, Ayreon), Hubert Heeringa - violin, wind instruments (Ten Sharp)






A debut album and live project of Juan van Emmerloot: started in January 2014. On this album Juan invited guest artists to join in: John Bundrick - keys (The Who / Bob Marley & The Wailers), Snowy White -guitars (Thin Lizzy, Roger Waters), Brian Zalmijn - vocals (studio artist), Roel de Bock - guitars (studio artist), Roberto Tiranti - vocals (Labyrinth), Max Forleo - vocals (Traveller), Dami Corlazzoli - guitars (band member ), Jos Kamps - bass (band member), Martin Verdonk - percussion (studio artist), Micha Molthoff - violin (La Misíon Imposble), Fabio Valdemarin - keys (studio artist) and Age Kat - guitars (studio artist). On the second album titled: "Trappole" you can hear the following musicians: Albert van Dorssen - keys (Licks & Brains Big Band), Ferry Lagendijk - keys (Waylon, Gare Du Nord), Jos Kamps- bass, Damian Corlazzoli - guitars, Raymond Blahowetz - percussion, Micha Molthoff - violin & strings arrangements, Don Willard - Lute and Frederike Schonis - vocals.



Based upon his love for guitar music Juan created a new project based on melodic fusion rock. The first single titled: "Ring of Fairy" was released in may 2020 on the label TheRoomRecordings. Line up for this track: Mark Bogert - lead guitar, Brian Bordes - lead guitar, Juan van Emmerloot - bass, drums, David Clarkson - orchestration. The first EP titled: "Tutto Be Okay" was released in June 2020. After a long period of silence they came out with a new single and video clip titled: “The Final Call” in december 2022.



Side projects



In 2010 and 2011 Juan performed on stage at the 'North Sea Jazz Festival' with Motown artist Waylon from the Netherlands. In 2017 and 2019 he accompanied Paul Gilbert during the Masterclass shows in Germany & The Netherlands.



In April 2012 Stef Burns, Billy Sheehan (Steve Vai, Mr Big) and Juan decided to join together and toured in Italy. The project's name is called: "POWER OF 3".


WALTER TROUT (European band):

In September 2021 Juan stepped in on a tour in The Neherlands, Germany and Denmark. For both Walter, the band and Juan it has been a succefull experience to be on the road again after 20 years and perform on stage.


The composer / producer Arjen Lucassen (Bodine/Vengeance) asked Juan to record drums on a new album tilted: "Transitus". This album was released in September 2020.



In addition to performing, Juan has been teaching for 35 years. In 1992 he started his private drum school. In 1998 he began to teach clinics and workshops in the Netherlands. From 2000 till 2013 he was teaching at the Conservatorium at Rotterdam (also known as "Codarts") where he worked with talented students from all over Europe. Today Juan is CEO & founder at the Groove Impact Academy, where he teaches and coaches on a monthly basis in Arnhem (The Netherlands). The academy is located at the Sound Vision Studio, where he also works with music producer and multi instrumentalist George Konings.



As a drummer Juan performed at many studio sessions in the UK and the Netherlands. His fascination and passion for recording music started at the age of 15, using the "pingpong" technique with mono tape cassettes players. A year earlier at the age of 14, Juan was asked to play drums for jingles and demos at a local studio called ‘Joe’s Garage’. The passion of engineer Lats Varga inspired Juan to listen to details in music and to aim for the best live audio recordings. During the studio sessions later on, Juan has had the privilege to work with many great producers such as Ken Thomas, Curtis Schwartz, John Sonneveld, Pim Koopman, Robin Freeman, Erwin Steijlen, Emile Bode, and Joost van den Broek. Through these occasions he learned to listen to the acoustics of a live room, how to use various microphones and how to combine the analogue and digital recording sessions. Today van Emmerloot works at Sound Vision Studio (Drumstudio) on a weekly basis, recording drums for: Marco Canepa (It), S.O.B. Studios (Amsterdam), Bi-OS Productions (It), French House Recording Studio (Fa), Arthur Antoine Theunissen from STUDIO CUBE, George Konings at SOUND VISION Studio, Emile Bode (TheRoomRecordings) and producing albums for international music artists like John Bundrick (The Who, Bob Marley & The Wailers), Stef Burns (Alice Cooper, Sheila E) and Snowy White (Thin Lizzy, Rogers Waters), and for songwriters like Frederike Schonis (NL) and Niccoló Bolchi (IT), Micha Molthoff (NL) and Emiel Scholsberg (NL)..


Author of the concept “Drumming Secrets Revealed"

Juan van Emmerloot, a drummer and teacher, wrote this study guide for drummers. He began instructing when he was just 19 years old (! ), and in 1992, he ran his own percussion school. From 1999 to 2012, he worked with exceptionally gifted pupils from all over Europe as a teacher at the Rotterdam Conservatory (CODARTS). In order to get better study results in less time, he began writing a concept for drummers during this time.


Online Courses: 

Juan had always thought that the best way to connect with drummers all over the globe would be through the use of video as a medium. In 2019 and 2021, he focused on the content and created more than 246 video lessons.

His deep knowledge and skill are released in three online courses in 2023: 

  1. “Grow from Basic to Advanced” 

  2. “Song Analysis & Arrangements” 

  3. “Instant Groove Composing”



The book by Juan entitled "Drumming Secrets Revealed - Grow from Basic to Advanced" was published in 2020. It is a 92 page hardcover book packed with information, advice, and illustrations that will help you progress from being a beginning or intermediate drummer to an expert level.



Juan is supportive of building long-term relationships based on human factors when it comes to working with the correct companies.  However, that has to go hand in hand with how well-made the goods are that these companies produce. He uses their products to help him produce his characteristic sound, so they must be of A1 quality. Juan: "As a drummer, you just have to be conscious of the fact that your sound isn't entirely produced by you." 

His favourite choice of top-brands are:  Aquarian Drumheads - Audio Technica microphones & headphones - Sonor Drums (Beech Infinite, Birch Infinite, ProLite and AQ1) - Meinl Cymbals - KellyShu (microphone suspension system) - Pro Mark sticks - H&B Enduro drumcases - Protection Racket softbags for cymbals & guitars -ZOOM Q2, Q4, Q8 handheld HD video/audio recorder - Albrando SMAX - Emile Guitars

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