Drum tracks 

on demand

for YOUR music

Are you looking for real & cool sounding drums for your music tracks?
....and tired of programming (or using samples) and 
pretend a "real drummer" played to your music?
Ask Juan to play to your tracks
and treat your beautiful music with his
'on-demand' drum tracks.
  • minimum of 12 separate microphone tracks: close mics, ambient mics, hall real-reverb mics

  • Modern or Vintage drum kits (20" , 22" or 24" bass drum sets)

  • high pitched (funky) snares, bottom punch (rock/pop) snares or low end vintage snares

  • stereo drum mix reference as well as seperate pre EQ-ed tracks ready for direct mixing

  • fast delivery (max 3 days after ordering)

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Click on this LOGO

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where Juan's drums will be recorded for you!