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Drum tracks 

on demand

for YOUR music

Are you looking for real & cool sounding drums for your music tracks?
....and are you tired of programming (or using samples)
and pretend a "real drummer" played to your music?
Simply contact me and let me breathe new energy into your beautiful music! 
  • minimum of 12 separate microphone tracks: close mics, ambient mics, hall real-reverb mics

  • Modern or Vintage drum kits (20" , 22" or 26" bass drum sets)

  • high pitched (funky) snares, bottom punch (rock/pop) snares or low end vintage snares

  • stereo drum mix reference as well as seperate pre EQ-ed tracks ready for direct mixing

  • fast delivery (max 4 days after ordering)

Check the TOP studio location 

where Juan's drums will be recorded for you!

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Find out what recording-artists & producers say about the drumtracks that I have delivered

John 'Rabbit' Bundrick - Composer,Producer, Keyboards


"It’s John Rabbit Bundrick here, I’ve known Juan for a long time.

I wrote this 'off the wall' instrumental using all of the knowledge I have learned from various musicians that exceed in the Jazz world.

As soon as I listened back to my work, Juan’s name popped up in my head: a song for me to send to Juan for the drums.

As usual his knowledge and professionalism was realised after he sent me his drum version of my Jazz Song titel: Grown Ups"

John 'Rabbit' Bundrick - Bob Marley & The Wailers, The Who, Johnny Nash, Crawler, 

Andy Fairweather Lowe.

Jerry Given - Recording Artist

Jerry Given photo for VMP.JPEG

"Juan is a highly skilled drummer to whom you can entrust drums of any style. 

He has a very good sense of the atmosphere your song needs.”

Jerry Given - Singer & Songwriter

Emile Bode - Music Producer

Emile Bode photo for VMP.JPEG

"You always have some kind of expectation or reference in mind when you ask someone to play anything LIVE on your track. 

Then you hope that what is supplied is of added value, or at the very least more than you expected. 

In my situation, it's not always an easy operation because my drum recordings are frequently a collection of rhythms that must be replaced by a single drum track. 

Juan never ceases to amaze me in this regard. No, not the conventional 'I played exactly what I heard for you,' rather Juan interprets what he hears and performs it accordingly.

As a result, the track has even more flair, character, and dynamics than it did when it was first constructed. Do you want your music to have more personality or stand out? Then I would strongly recommend Juan because of his drumming mastery and vision. His work is always of the quality and flexibility that I would expect from a professional musician; good! And the fact that he is a producer himself makes a significant difference because he understands exactly what you mean when you say you want or are looking for something special."

Emile Bode - TheRoomRecordings

Emiel Scholsberg - Recording Artist

Emiel Scholsberg photo for VMP.JPEG

"When it comes to expressing what it's like to work with Juan, the first and most essential thing I'd want to emphasize is the sheer sincerity with which he treats everything he does and everyone he works with. Juan is the real deal. Period. This creates a secure and healthy environment in which you are free to be... you. 

Second, being a passionate creative himself, Juan has the unique ability to bring out the best in you, whether you're in the studio with him behind the console or performing on stage with him behind his drumkit.

He certainly brings a wealth of expertise to the table, and his mastery of the instrument and production skills require no explanation; if you listen closely, they clearly speak for themselves. However, in my experience, none of this has ever stopped Juan from being open to new ideas, new techniques, and artistic research. 

Juan has played a significant role in my development as an artist. 

Emiel Scholsberg - Frimangron Music 

Arthur Antoine Theunissen - Music Producer


"Juan's drum recordings are consistently of excellent quality. All of the hits are on point, and the groove is in place. There's also no shortage of inventiveness. With the multitracks, including good room mics, a fat drum sound is quickly made."

Arthur Antoine Theunissen - Studio-CUBE 

Paul Rosenboom - Singer & Songwriter


"I was looking for a drummer that could offer a good drum part for our Christmas single “Oh Holy Night”.

Juan van Emmerloot was recommended to me by a musician friend. Reaching out to him I didn’t regret…the track was delivered immediately, and the result was, of course, 'outstanding' and a perfect complement to the rest of the arrangement."


Paul Rosenboom - La Familia

Jan Willem Hoekstra - Pianist

Jan Willem Hoekstra PR (B_W).JPEG

"We intended to play several of Jason Robert Brown's songs at our musical school DAPA (Dutch Academy of Performing Arts) long before any instrumental music tracks of his songs were available".

One of our co-workers tipped us off to someone who might be able to assist us from his home studio. 

The tight, funky drum recordings that resulted served as the foundation for subsequent collaborations, including complete theatrical shows in which I blended my piano parts from home with Juan's drums and percussion from his studio. And... it doesn't only sound good all of the time; the excellent communication and huge range of possibilities for expanding to additional artists or even complete productions keep you wanting moreIt's a must-have for any artist who, like myself, doesn't have access to a real drummer at home."

Jan Willem Hoekstra - DAPA

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