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  • DRUMMING SECRETS REVEALED | juanvanemmerloot

    You have reached the page for my teaching methods, where I am using my experience from 30 years of teaching and coaching drummers to share my knowledge from 40 years (!) of playing concerts, international tours, and studio recording sessions. Y ou probably found this page because: ​ ​ you want structure so that you can advance in your studies more quickly you're in need of improving your musical abilities as a drummer you are a drum-teacher and you're seeking for a cool teaching concept to employ with your students you want to get better at drumming and practice more often whenever it's convenient for you ​ have come to the right place! On this website, people just like you can access the study program for drummers and drum teachers more than 246 HQ training-videos ! Pick the course that best suits your needs, and get started right now! It will undoubtedly improve your performance! "Grow from Basic to Advanced" free samples Enroll now! "Song Analysis & Arrangements" free samples Membership Enroll now! "Instant Groove Composing" free samples Membership Enroll now! Wouter van Tornhout (drummer of MIKA): "There are many teachers out there but when it comes to motivation and coaching, Juan makes it happen. Drummingsecretesrevealed is a fantastic program that truly inspires me. The lessons are built up in a logical way that it’s both fun and challenging! If you want to play drums the right way, and reach the next level, this is a valuable resource for both teachers and students." Sophie van Dommelen (drum student HBA, NL): "In addition to the book Drumming Secrets Revealed - 'Grow from Basic to Advanced,' the online program is quite useful." It aids in the rapid development of your reading and listening skills. Everything is stated in a straightforward and concise manner. The videos are an excellent complement to the book. My experience has been that it functions as a self-study package with online teaching and once-a-month offline coaching, allowing you to practice in a focused manner and continue to progress as a drummer." Jonas Blitz (drum student DSR, Germany): "Great drummer, who shares great advice and techniques! Highly recommended!" Kees de Jong (drummer of THE POLICED, NL): "I have been working on the book for a few of weeks. Many tasks appeared simple at first, but proved to be difficult. The educational videos are quite beneficial to me. I've noticed that both my drumming and reading have improved! A good all-around reference book with a lot of well-chosen exercises. The final product is quite good. It's a little on the costly side, but that's quickly compensated for by the vast array of instructional videos available online! The best part is that it's all part of a well-thought-out system... I'm now having a lot more fun with my study exercises... thanks, Juan!" Stef Zwartveld (drumcoach at Online Drumlessen, NL): "This course is perfect from beginner to advanced. It takes into account playing snare patterns, playing accents, translating those to tom grooves, and eventually playing them in grooves. It is a musical take on drumming which will enrich your musical hearing as a drummer. Juan takes you through his philosophy of playing drums and making music!"

  • drummer page | Juan van Emmerloot | Arnhem

    Anchor 1 Welcome to my website! Here you can f ind all my professional activities in the world of music; if you need information about performing, coaching, recording and producing, it is all here for you! Feel free to pick up contact if you want to know more. contact If you want to go to my online teaching program for drummers: Drumming Secrets Revealed™ If you want to purchase my book: Drum Method If you want to jam with Play Along Music for drummers: Play-along music for Drummers Vanmerloot Music Pros Drumming Secrets Revealed Groove Impact Academy VMP Artist Management Business Beat ​ CEO Juan van Emmerloot Merwedestraat 2D 6826 AB Arnhem Nederland ​ ​ Chamber of Commerce - KvK nr. 18082754 VAT-ID / BTW- ID: NL001786747B10 ​ ​

  • DRUM PLAY ALONG MUSIC | juanvanemmerloot

    Anchor 1 Play Along Music for Drummers Welcome to my Play Along Music for Drummers page! On this page you can find all of the original music tracks that I composed and produced for YOU to play with! Watch the videos of how I play drums to these tracks or simply do your own thing and jam along with these drum less tracks Play along on DRUMS with this album! Download these tracks on your tablet or phone and play along with my music on your drum set! LISTEN TO MORE Play along on DRUMS with this album! Download these tracks on your tablet or phone and play along with my music on your drum set! LISTEN TO MORE Play along on DRUMS with this album! Download these tracks on your tablet or phone and play along with my music on your drum set! LISTEN TO MORE Play along on DRUMS with this album! Download these tracks on your tablet or phone and play along with my music on your drum set! LISTEN TO MORE LISTEN TO MORE Go to all tracks Go to music Play along on DRUMS with this album! Download these tracks on your tablet or phone and play along with my music on your drum set! LISTEN TO MORE Play along on DRUMS with this album! Download these tracks on your tablet or phone and play along with my music on your drum set! LISTEN TO MORE Play along on DRUMS with this album! Download these tracks on your tablet or phone and play along with my music on your drum set! LISTEN TO MORE Play along on DRUMS with this album! Download these tracks on your tablet or phone and play along with my music on your drum set! LISTEN TO MORE Play along on GUITAR with this album! Download these tracks on your tablet or phone and play along with my music on your drum set! LISTEN TO MORE Play along on DRUMS with this album! Download these tracks on your tablet or phone and play along with my music on your drum set! LISTEN TO MORE

  • Professional Coaching for Drummers | Juan van Emmerloot | Arnhem

    Coaching for drummers at the Groove Impact Academy - Arnhem In the 35 years that I have taught, I have managed to develop from drum teacher to personal COACH. (I started a private drum school when I was 19, after which I worked under the banner of CODARTS for 13 years. Then I started my practice in 2013 under the name Groove-Impact Academy). In order not to get stuck in a routine of professional 'teaching', I thought it necessary to continue that development. It all became more interesting when I started the training to master coaching. With sincere conviction I now bear the responsibility that I have as a COACH. And when it eventually turns out that the people I have been able to guide have also developed themselves very well in their career, that makes me a happy person! First let me start by explaining in simple language what the essential difference is between a regular drum lesson and COACHING for drummers. In a normal drum lesson, the teacher has a lesson program that you follow step by step. In principle, he always shows you what to do. We can say that every drum student will eventually get the same material for his / her choice. At COACHING it is completely different. Each candidate receives a completely personal treatment, where each individual's development is paramount and the learning route is personal. With this short description, the real power a COACH is actually greatly diminished. Let's clear up the fog around the concept of COACH once and for all, so that you know what to expect when you come to my 'class'. What exactly does COACHING mean and what does a COACH actually do? * Coaching is a serious profession not a hobby. A real coach is a trained professional who has undergone training in coaching! * A good coach pays 100% attention to you. * A good coach is always supportive and positive. * Disapproval or negativity does not fit in a coaching session. A coach always has a positive focus and emphasizes the good in a situation or in a person. * A coach provides support and shows the student that he understands what is going on inside him or her. * A good coach guides you in finding a solution that works for you. Coaching is truly tailor-made. Solutions that work for someone else doesn't always mean that it also works for you! * A good coach asks you the questions that make you think. * A good coach goes to the heart of the problem and guides you from there to a solution. * A good coach is genuinely interested and curious. * A good coach has a lot of life experience and is good at putting things into perspective. * A good coach works on the basis of mutual respect. * A good coach keeps the focus and gives structure to the conversation. * A good coach motivates. * A good coach is passionate about his profession and human development. Coaching is a passion. Coaching is more than just work and certainly not a trick. A good coach engages iself-development throughout his life and can share this experience with others. He is permanently interested in human development, happiness and success. He sees helping others in these areas more as a calling than a job. Groove Impact drummer: Tim Velgersdijk Watch more drummers here: Do you want to make an appointment? Fill in the form en send it! Send message received! What my students / clients say about my work as a coach: Marcel Kortes (drummer & instructor): "Juan is a warm person and an inspired musician. His enthusiasm for music and drums in particular is very contagious. After not having had lessons for a long time, Juan put me back on the track of studying and was immediately (painful :- )) clear what still needs to be worked on. Juan teaches you to make music on your set. Every lesson is surprising, immediately gives new insights and a boost to play drums (even) more!" Jitse Tilman (drummer & composer): “There are a lot of drummers who are able to teach you how to play the drums. But there are few drummers and coaches who put the entire lesson at the service of your personal development on the instrument and as a person. Fortunately Juan van Emmerloot is such a drummer/coach. After 3 years of lessons with this wonderful drummer/coach/friend I was able to fulfill my own dreams of musical field and was admitted to the Rotterdam Conservatory. I can recommend everyone to take lessons for at least 1 year. I speak from personal experience that the result after 1 year is astonishing." Romeo Boganen (artist & songwriter): "I am a songwriter myself and every now and then I have trouble staying positive and motivated.. I usually have a session with Juan once a month, every time I come away I feel completely recharged and I am full of new energy. Juan's strong point is that he can transfer his positive energy to you and I exactly need someone like that! So besides that Juan is a top musician, he is also a very inspiring person." Matthijs de Ridder (drummer & teacher): "Juan is a very inspiring drum teacher/coach. Over the years I have had lessons from many different drummers at home and abroad and Juan is one of the teachers I still like to come back to for inspiration and coaching." Top drummers who underwent coaching with Juan included Nicky Loman (Candy Dulfer), Ariën van Weesenbeek (Epica), Stef Broks (Textures), Jordi Geuens (Selah Sue), Sean Dhondt (Qmusic), Wim Van der Westen (K's Choice ), Efraim De Nijs Latuheru (Bo Saris) and many others....

  • Professionele Coaching voor Drummers | Juan van Emmerloot | Groove Impact Academy in Arnhem

    Coaching voor drummers bij Groove Impact Academy - Arnhem In de 35 jaar dat ik lesgeef, heb ik me weten te ontwikkelen van drumleraar tot drum - COACH. (Op mijn 19e ben ik een privé drumschool begonnen, waarna ik 13 jaar onder de vlag van CODARTS heb gewerkt. Daarna ben ik in 2013 mijn praktijk begonnen onder de naam Groove-Impact Academy). Om niet te blijven steken in de routine van professioneel 'lesgeven', vond ik het nodig om een ontwikkeling in gang te zetten. Het werd allemaal nog interessanter toen ik begon met de opleiding tot coach. Met oprechte overtuiging draag ik nu de verantwoordelijkheid die ik als COACH heb. En als dan uiteindelijk blijkt dat de mensen die ik heb mogen begeleiden zichzelf ook heel goed hebben ontwikkeld in hun carrière, dan maakt mij dat een gelukkig mens! Laat ik beginnen met in eenvoudige taal uit te leggen wat het wezenlijke verschil is tussen een gewone drumles en COACHING voor drummers. Bij een gewone drumles heeft de leraar een lesprogramma dat je stap voor stap volgt. In principe laat hij je altijd zien wat je moet doen. We kunnen zeggen dat iedere drumleerling uiteindelijk dezelfde materie te verwerken krijgt, wat vaak nodig is om een beginner goed op weg te helpen in het leren bespelen van het drumstel! Bij COACHING is dat heel anders. Ervan uitgaand dat de kandidaat ervaring heeft met drummen, krijgt hij/zij een geheel persoonlijke behandeling. De individuele ontwikkeling staat vooropen de leerroute is op de man afgemeten. Let op: het is dus wel van belang dat de kandidaat ervaring heeft met het kunnen bespelen van het instrument. Met deze korte omschrijving wordt de werkelijke kracht van een COACH eigenlijk sterk tekort gedaan. Laten we de mist rond het begrip COACH voor eens en altijd ophelderen, zodat je weet wat je kunt verwachten als je bij mij 'les' komt volgen. ​ Wat houdt COACHING precies in en wat doet een COACH eigenlijk? * Coaching is een serieus beroep en geen hobby. Een echte coach is een opgeleide professional die een opleiding in coaching heeft gevolgd! * Een goede coach heeft 100% aandacht voor jou. * Een goede coach is altijd ondersteunend en positief. * Afkeuring of negativiteit past niet in een coachingsessie. Een coach heeft altijd een positieve focus en benadrukt het goede in een situatie of in een persoon. * Een coach geeft steun en laat de leerling zien dat hij begrijpt wat er in hem of haar omgaat. * Een goede coach begeleidt je bij het vinden van een oplossing die voor jou werkt. Coaching is echt maatwerk. Oplossingen die voor iemand anders werken, betekenen niet altijd dat het ook voor jou werkt! * Een goede coach stelt u de vragen die u aan het denken zetten. * Een goede coach gaat naar de kern van het probleem en begeleidt je van daaruit naar een oplossing. * Een goede coach is oprecht geïnteresseerd en nieuwsgierig. * Een goede coach heeft veel levenservaring en is goed in relativeren. * Een goede coach werkt op basis van wederzijds respect. * Een goede coach houdt de focus en geeft structuur aan het gesprek. * Een goede coach motiveert. * Een goede coach is gepassioneerd over zijn vak en de ontwikkeling van de mens. Coachen is een passie. Coachen is meer dan werken en zeker geen kunstje. Een goede coach is zijn leven lang bezig met zelfontplooiing en kan deze ervaring delen met anderen. Hij is blijvend geïnteresseerd in menselijke ontwikkeling, geluk en succes. Hij ziet het helpen van anderen op deze gebieden meer als een roeping dan als een baan. Groove Impact Academy: achter de schermen Bekijk nog meer drum studenten Wil je een afspraak maken? Vul dan hier het formulier in Send message received! Wat mijn studenten vinden en zeggen over de coaching die ik geef: Marcel Kortes (drummer & instructeur): "Juan is een warm mens en een bevlogen muzikant. Zijn enthousiasme voor muziek en drums in het bijzonder is zeer aanstekelijk. Na lange tijd geen les te hebben gehad, heeft Juan me weer op het spoor van studeren gezet en was meteen (pijnlijk :- )) duidelijk waar nog aan gewerkt moest worden. Juan leert je muziek te maken op je set. Elke les is verrassend, geeft direct nieuwe inzichten en een boost om (nog) meer te gaan drummen!" ​ Jitse Tilman (drummer & componist): "Er zijn veel drummers die in staat zijn om je te leren drummen. Maar er zijn maar weinig drummers en coaches die de hele les in dienst stellen van je persoonlijke ontwikkeling op het instrument en als persoon. Gelukkig is Juan van Emmerloot zo'n drummer/coach. Na 3 jaar les bij deze geweldige drummer/coach/vriend heb ik mijn eigen muzikale dromen waar kunnen maken en ben ik toegelaten tot het Rotterdams Conservatorium. Ik kan iedereen aanraden om minimaal 1 jaar les te nemen. Ik spreek uit eigen ervaring dat het resultaat na 1 jaar verbluffend is." ​ Romeo Boganen (artiest & songwriter): "Ik ben zelf songwriter en zo nu en dan heb ik moeite om positief en gemotiveerd te blijven... Ik heb meestal één keer per maand een sessie met Juan, elke keer als ik wegkom voel ik me weer helemaal opgeladen en zit ik vol nieuwe energie. Juan's sterke punt is dat hij zijn positieve energie op jou kan overbrengen en zo iemand heb ik nu net nodig! Dus naast dat Juan een top muzikant is, is hij ook nog eens een heel inspirerend persoon." Matthijs de Ridder (drummer & docent): "Juan is een zeer inspirerende drumleraar/coach. In de loop der jaren heb ik les gehad van veel verschillende drummers in binnen- en buitenland en Juan is een van de docenten waar ik nog steeds graag naar terugkom voor inspiratie en coaching." Topdrummers die coaching ondergingen bij Juan waren o.a. Nicky Loman (Candy Dulfer), Ariën van Weesenbeek (Epica), Stef Broks (Textures), Jordi Geuens (Selah Sue), Sean Dhondt (Qmusic), Wim Van der Westen (K's Choice ), Efraim De Nijs Latuheru (Bo Saris) en vele anderen....

  • DISCOGRAPHY | juanvanemmerloot

    Discography Welcome to my dicography page! On this page you can find all official released music on which I appeared as a drummer starting from 1993 till today! – "Here We Are" Jan Somers Band album / Timeless Records Holland 1993 – "De Nette Man" V.O.F. De Kunst album / Sony Records Holland 1993 – "Highway to the Sun" Snowy White album / Bellaphone/CNR Germany 1994 – "White Album" Valensia Mercury/Polygram Holland/Jap. 1994 – "Gaya" Valensia Mercury/Polygram Holland/Jap. 1994 – "Colour Me Forever" Julya Lo'ko En Bleu/Briadoon Holland 1995 – "Valentine" Robby Valentine / Polydor Japan 1995 – "Goldtop" Snowy White RPM Records UK 1995 – "Valentine Live" Robby Valentine Polydor Japan 1996 – "No Faith Required" Snowy White / RPM Records UK 1996 – "Blues From a Hotel Room" Andy Fernbach / AKR Records UK 1996 – "4 United" Robby Valentine / Polydor Japan 1997 – "Christmas in Heaven" Robby Valentine / Polydor Japan 1997 – "Hand in Hand" Robby Valentine / Polydor Japan 1997 – "Jimi Hendrix festival div. Artists" Provoque Holland 1998 – "Little Wing" Snowy White / Hypertension / BMG Germany 1998 – "Keep Out - We are Toxic" Snowy White / Hypertension BMG Germany 1999 – "Melting" Snowy White / Mystic Records USA 2000 – "Believing is Seeing" Valentine / Polydor Japan 2000 – "Live At Gaste Garage" Matt Taylor Band / Official Bootleg release UK 2001 – "Peppino D’Agostino” / (DVD) AIX Records USA 2001 – "Restless" Snowy White / Ovaçäo Portugal 2002 – "The Voice Inside" Jan van Oort Band / Kunstoort 2003 – "Drumming Secrets Revealed" drumming method on DVD/ EmpaTV 2004 – "Live Flames" Snowy White / Germany 2007 – "Better Days" Jenna Attison / Whitezöne Portugal 2007 – "World-Universe-Infinity" Stef Burns / Ultratempo 2008 – "In Our Time Of Living" The Snowy White Blues Project/Soulfood 2009 – "World-Universe-Infinity Live DVD" Stef Burns Group / Ultratempo 2010 – "Realistic" Snowy White & The Whiteflames /Soulfood 2011 – "After Paradise" Snowy White & The Whiteflames / Soulfood 2012 – "Roots & Wings" Stef Burns League / Self Records/Ultratempo 2014 – “Burnin' The Rules" Juan van Emmerloot TheRoomRecordings 2014 – “Snowy White Live at Rockpalast" Snowy White Repertoire/WDR 2014 – “Miracle Days” single Stef Burns league /Self Records/Ultratempo 2015 – “WHY” single Juan van Emmerloot / TheRoomRecordings 2015 – “Heaven is Blue” single Stef Burns League / Self Records/Ultratempo 2015 – “Make Me Shine”single Burnin The Rules / TheRoomRecordings 2015 – “Roots & Wings” Vinyl Album & Bounus tracks Stef Burns League / Self Records / Ultratempo 2015 - "Yep Yeah" single Groove-Impact / TheRoomRecordings 2016 - "Do It Like You Mean It!" single LEPR / New Jazz Adventure 2016 - "Trappole" album Burnin The Rules / TheRoomRecordings January 2016 - "Released" album Snowy White / Soulfood 2016 - "Ocean Almighty" single Juan van Emmerloot / TheRoomRecordings September 2016 - "Highway" single JazzInDaHouse feat. Eric Vloeimans / New Jazz Adventure September 2016 - "Tutto Be Okay" single Juan van Emmerloot / TheRoomRecordings October 2016 - "Hidden Treasures" single Juan van Emmerloot / TheRoomRecordings November 2016 - "Don't Waste This Time" single Juan van Emmerloot / TheRoomRecordings December 2016 - "Gathering My New Life" single Frederike Schonis / New Jazz Adventures December 2016 - "Home Again" single Stef Burns League / UltraTempo December 2016 - "Yep Yeah!" Jazz In Da House feat. Juan van Emmerloot / New Jazz Adventures February 2017 – “Heart Blown” sport single / MusicForYourMovies February 2017 - "Nomad's Land" drumvideo composition for Groove Impact feat. Eric Duyckers on drums - "Was dat nou met Jou?" single Micha Molthoff / TheRoomRecordings April 2017 - "Flow of Life!" single Frederike Schonis / New Jazz Adventures April 2017 - "Leaving The Silence" single Jazz in da House feat. Eric Vloeimans / New Jazz Adventures May 2017 - "Vandaag" single Jeroen Weerdenburg / SVS May 2017 - "Thinking About New York" single Jazz In Da House / New Jazz Adventures May 2017 – “IFO” single Burnin The Rules / TheRoomRecordings June 2017 - "Love was So Nice" single Frederike Schonis / New Jazz Adventures September 2017 – “Live At Music Label Night 2017” EP Burnin The Rules / TheRoomRecordings September 2017 – “Night Over Rotterdam” single Jazz in da House / New Jazz Adventure September 2017 – “Reunited” album Snowy White & The Whiteflames Jazz / Soulfood October 2017 – “Last Autumn” single Emiel Scholsberg / TheRoomRecordings December 2017 – “Reference Recordings” album Emiel Scholsberg / TheRoomRecordings December 2017 - "Way Beyond Reason" single Juan van Emmerloot / TheRoomRecordings December 2017 - "This Christmas Day" single Juan van Emmerloot / TheRoomRecordings December 2017 - "Day Dreaming" single Tom Browne / New Jazz Adventure February 2018 - "Hidden Treasures" album Juan van Emmerloot / TheRoomrecordings May 2018 - "Better Days" Jenna Attison / Vanmerloot Music Pros September 2018 - "G30" play along for drummers single Juan van Emmerloot feat. Brian Bordes / TheRoomRecordings October 2018 - "Met Wie Tuig Ik Vandaag De Kerstboom Op" - single Zita Duson / Real Dutch Music November 2018 - "Silent Moves" single Juan van Emmerloot feat. Jenna Attison / TheRoomRecordings November 2018 - "Micha" album Micha Molthoff / Molthoff / independent release January 2019 - "Noisy Neighbors" video drum/percussion composition by J.v.E. feat. Tim Velgersdijk / independent release February 2019 - "The Situation" album Snowy White & The Whiteflames /Soulfood March 2019 - "Life Is A Circus" single Juan van Emmerloot feat. Anton van der Mee / TheRoomRecordings April 2019 - "Hommage á Robert" single Juan van Emmerloot / TheRoomRecordings May 2019 - "Zomaar Een Zomerliedje" single Zita Duson / Real Dutch Music July 2019 - "Welcome To My World" single Frederike Schonis / New Jazz Adventure July 2019 - "The Best You Can Be" single Juan van Emmerloot feat. Bart van de Ven & Ravenna Moscoso / TheRoomRecordings October 2019 - "Man and Machine" drumvideo composition for Groove Impact feat. Nico Verspaget / TheRoomRecordings October 2019 - "SDG Song" single by Erwin Steijlen / October 2019 - "Away From Home" album Nik Bolchi / independent release December 2019 - "Discoveri2" drumvideo composition for Groove Impact feat. Tim Velgersdijk / TheRoomRecordings December 2019 - "The Papadum Move" single by Juan van Emmerloot feat. Ferry Lagendijk / TheRoomRecordings December 2019 - "Feel Love" single by Juan van Emmerloot feat. Anton van der Mee / TheRoomRecordings April 2020 - "Ring of Fairy" debut single G30 / TheRoomRecordings May 2020 - "Changing Tides" debut EP / New Jazz Adventures May 2020 - "Groovin Dandy" drumvideo composition for Groove Impact feat Tom Millenaar /TheRoomRecordings May 2020 - "Tutto be Okay" debut EP G30 / TheRoomRecordings June 2020 - "Everythin You Do Baby" single by BM / TheRoomRecordings July 2020 - "Don't Go Away" single by Jazz In Da House / New Jazz Adventure July 2020 - "When I Look At You" single by BM / TheRoomRecordings July 2020 - "Get Out! Now!" single by Ayreon / Ayreon July 2020 - "Hopelessly Slipping Away" single by Ayreon / Music Theories Recordings July 2020 - "This Human Equation" single by Ayreon / Music Theories Recordings August 2020 - "Never Let It Go" drumvideo composition for Groove Impact feat. Dwight Starke / TheRoomRecordings September 2020 - "Talk of the Town" single by Ayreon / Music Theories Recordings September 2020 - "Transitus" album by Ayreon / Music Theories Recordings September 2020 - "Hold On" single by FREDERIKE MUSIC / New Jazz Adventure December 2020 - "Lockdown" single by Gerardo / DANCE MUSIC™ Records December 2020 - "The Last Day Of War And The First Day Of Peace" single by Ayreon / Mascott December 2020 - "Raincoat" debute single by ALEX / Ted Records February 2021 - "Light Me Up" single by Juan van Emmerloot feat. David Laun / TheRoomRecordings March 2021 - "Eurovision Rotterdam" single by Gerardo / DANCE MUSIC Records™ March 2021 - "Am Weltenrand" album by Katja Moslehner / Swantje Records March 2021 - "Raining In Tokyo" single by JazzIndahouse & Royal Grand Tokyo / New Jazz Adventure March 2021 - "Wonders" album by BiggBuss (Paul Pijnenburg & Rob Suters) / BiggBuss Independent Label April 2021 - "Here We Are" single by Vic feat. John Stephen Frank / TheRoomRecordings May 2021 - "Bringing It On" single by Stef Burns League / Lakeside Records May 2021 - "Don't Stop Trying" single by Juan van Emmerloot feat. Robby Valentine / TheRoomRecordings June 2021 - "PopSong" single by Emile Bode / TheRoomRecordings June 2021 - "Follow Your Heart" single by RJ69 (aka Rob Janssen) / Ditto Music June 2021 - "Will You Be There " single by VIC feat. Marvin Dee / TheRoomRecordings July 2021 - "Well Who Are You" single by Juan van Emmerloot feat. David Laun / TheRoomRecordings August 2021 - "Need To Feel" single by Juan van Emmerloot feat. John Stephen Frank / TheRoomRecordings August 2021 - "Glued" single by Monsieur D / Records DK November 2021 - "Oh Holy Night" single by La Familia / Triple Vision Record November 2021 - "Meant For Us" single by Alex Laurence / TedRecords January 2022 - "Hold On" single by RJ69 (aka Rob Janssen) / Ditto Music February 2022 - "Line By Line" album by Alex Laurence / TedRecords February 2022 - "Break Me" single by Jerry Given / G-Style Promotions March 2022 - "Come Back To My Arms" single by VIC feat. John Stephen Frank / TheRoomRecordings March 2022 - "Songs From The Maasai Walk" EP by RJ69 / Independent label May 2022 - "Beach Hunk" single by Emiel Scholsberg / New Jazz Adventure June 2022 - "A Thousand Smiles (Song for Evi) single by FREDERIKE MUSIC / New Jazz Adventure July 2022 - "Strolling" single by FREDERIKE MUSIC / New Jazz Adventure November 2022 - "The Final Call" single by G30 / TheRoomRecordings December 2022 - "Ballen In De Boom" single by Zita Duson / MusicTM December 2022 - "Utopia" single by Forestella / Beat Interactive (Korea) December 2022 ​

  • ARCHIVE VIDEOS | juanvanemmerloot

    Archives Carmen meets Carmen Concert gebouw Amsterdam Waylon Noth Sea Jazz festival Robby Valentine " Where do we go from Here" Ayreon introduction Ayreon "Get Out! Now!" Stef Burns League "What Doesn't Kill Us" Stef Burns League "Miracle Days" Snowy White & White Flames Rock Palast WDR Stef Burns Group Live DVD at Lapsus - Torino Snowy White feat. Chris Rea "Highway to the Sun"

  • Great tools that Juan uses | juanvanemmerloot

    Sonor drums, Aquarian drum heads, Meinl cymbals & percussion, Pro Mark drum sticks and Slapklatz sound control pads Audio Technica drum microphones Emile Guitars for composing & recording

  • Burning The Rules band music

    Burnin’ The Rules Biography ​ For more than 20 years Juan performed on stage with big musician artists such as Steve Lukather (TOTO), Snowy White (Roger Waters) and Stef Burns (Alice Cooper). On January 2014 his debut CD album BURNIN THE RULES as well as his 2nd album called TRAPPOLE have been released by independent record label TheRoomRecordings. Both available on iTunes ,Apple Music, Spotify and Deezer. ​ Stef Burns about CD album Burnin' The Rules: "My brother and drummer Juan van Emmerloot has made a great CD, Burning the Rules! Creative and musical because that's the way Juan is. Playing drums and percussion and programming yes! But he is also a great writer, arranger and producer. A man with so much talent, so glad you recorded it all here on this CD so we can all enjoy it! Nicely done my friend!" ​ Steve Lukather about Burnin' The Rules: "My dear old friend Juan has made an amazing album here. I put it on and it made me smile wide and groove and then it pissed me off cause I found out it was HIM playing the guitar and he is RIPPING !! AND the drums and writing and producing and.. ?? Buy this record before I hurt him physically. He may need the money for a Dr. No one should have all that talent! haha (There are some amazing performances by his guest muso friends as well!). I am really knocked out by this music. Steve Lukather Sept 2014 ​ Rock Magazine: ”The repertoire of Burnin' the Rules Project is mainly based on instrumental rock songs and tunes that are easy to remember for a big audience...” ​ Juan's statement: "Where in the past 10 years the music industry has developed major TV programs such as Idols, X-Factor and the Voice, where the focus is ONLY on the singers...which is not bad....of course not! However, I think the time is right to put the instrumentalists and musicians in the spotlights again!" For the live tours, Juan choses to work with a new generation of well talented and promising musicians, that know how to work hard to create the band sound that Juan is looking for. Other than that, these musicians have international touring experience and have been on stage for many years with mayor acts such as Postmen and Giovanca. Juan: "Rock music for me and the boys will always be a fun-experience! For me to be on stage with these guys and tour through Europe it is a real blessing. We create a positive rocking vibe and make our audience move and groove with us!" ​ “Burnin' the Rules” is: Juan van Emmerloot - drums & lead vocals Dami Corlazzoli (Postmen / Giovanca) - guitars & backing vocals Jos Kamps (Eric Steckel ) - bass & backing vocals New single: IFO released by: official review New album out NOW! Burnin the Rules - (first album advert-video) Burnin the Rules - WHY (live at Drumworld)

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    Drum tracks on demand for YOUR music Are you looking for real & cool sounding drums for your music tracks? ....and are you tired of programming (or using samples) and pretend a "real drummer" played to your music? Simply contact me and let me breath new energy into yo ur beautiful music! minimum of 12 separate microphone tracks: close mics, ambient mics, hall real-reverb mics Modern or Vintage drum kits (20" , 22" or 26" bass drum sets) high pitched (funky) snares, bottom punch (rock/pop) snares or low end vintage snares stereo drum mix reference as well as seperate pre EQ-ed tracks ready for direct mixing fast delivery (max 4 days after ordering) Check the TOP studio location where Juan's drums will be recorded for you! Click on this LOGO Contact Find out what recording-artists & producers say about the drumtracks that I have delivered Jerry Given - Recording Artist "Juan is a highly skilled drummer to whom you can entrust drums of any style. He has a very good sense of the atmosphere your song needs.” ​ Jerry Given - Singer & Songwriter Emile Bode - Music Producer "You always have some kind of expectation or reference in mind when you ask someone to play anything LIVE on your track. Then you hope that what is supplied is of added value, or at the very least more than you expected. In my situation, it's not always an easy operation because my drum recordings are frequently a collection of rhythms that must be replaced by a single drum track. Juan never ceases to amaze me in this regard. No, not the conventional 'I played exactly what I heard for you,' rather Juan interprets what he hears and performs it accordingly. As a result, the track has even more flair, character, and dynamics than it did when it was first constructed. Do you want your music to have more personality or stand out? Then I would strongly recommend Juan because of his drumming mastery and vision. His work is always of the quality and flexibility that I would expect from a professional musician; good! And the fact that he is a producer himself makes a significant difference because he understands exactly what you mean when you say you want or are looking for something special." ​ Emile Bode - TheRoomRecordings Emiel Scholsberg - Recording Artist "When it comes to expressing what it's like to work with Juan, the first and most essential thing I'd want to emphasize is the sheer sincerity with which he treats everything he does and everyone he works with. Juan is the real deal. Period. This creates a secure and healthy environment in which you are free to be... you. That's all there is to it. An environment in which your imagination is given every opportunity to flourish. Second, being a passionate creative himself, Juan has the unique ability to bring out the best in you, whether you're in the studio with him behind the console or performing on stage with him behind his drumkit. Things happen whenever I make music with him. Things that I could never have thought of with only my own imagination. When these things "emerge," they seem to me to be the result of the connection I feel between Juan, myself, and whatever is being made at the time. It isn't merely a matter of "sounding good." It's all about getting to the heart of the matter and bringing it out. Finally, I'd want to call attention to his capacity to translate certain aesthetic conceptions into whatever has to be done with a piece of music in terms of sound, arrangement, or performance, based on his extraordinary artistic understanding. He certainly brings a wealth of expertise to the table, and his mastery of the instrument and production skills require no explanation; if you listen closely, they clearly speak for themselves. However, in my experience, none of this has ever stopped Juan from being open to new ideas, new techniques, and artistic research. So, whether it's drumtracks-on-demand that Juan delivers to fit right into your concept as if he's always been a part of your band, or working on a project that you're both producing, the results of our collaboration have consistently exceeded my boldest expectations in all of my years of experience with Juan. He, among others, has played a significant role in my development as an artist. ​ Oh and did I also mention that he's always up for a good laugh? You're going to find out!" ​ Emiel Scholsberg - Frimangron Music Arthur Antoine Theunissen - Producer " Juan's drum recordings are consistently of excellent quality. All of the hits are on point, and the groove is in place. There's also no shortage of inventiveness. With the multitracks, including good room mics, a fat drum sound is quickly made." ​ Arthur Antoine Theunissen - Studio-CUBE Paul Rosenboom - Singer & Songwriter "I was looking for a drummer that could offer a good drum part for our Christmas single “Oh Holy Night”. Juan van Emmerloot was recommended to me by a musician friend. Reaching out to him I didn’t regret…the track was delivered immediately, and the result was, of course, 'outstanding' and a perfect complement to the rest of the arrangement." " Paul Rosenboom - La Familia ​ Jan Willem Hoekstra - Pianist "We intended to play several of Jason Robert Brown's songs at our musical school DAPA (Dutch Academy of Performing Arts) long before any instrumental music tracks of his songs were available". One of our co-workers tipped us off to someone who might be able to assist us from his home studio. The tight, funky drum recordings that resulted served as the foundation for subsequent collaborations, including complete theatrical shows in which I blended my piano parts from home with Juan's drums and percussion from his studio. And... it doesn't only sound good all of the time; the excellent communication and huge range of possibilities for expanding to additional artists or even complete productions keep you wanting more . It's a must-have for any artist who, like myself, doesn't have access to a real drummer at home." ​ Jan Willem Hoekstra - DAPA

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    English Vanmerloot Music Pros Vanmerloot Music Pros, located at Leeuwenlaan 40 1243KB 's-Graveland Netherlands, is responsible for the processing of personal data as shown in this privacy statement. Contact details: Merwedestraat 2-D, 6826AB Arnhem The Netherlands +31613524011 Juan van Emmerloot is the Data Protection Officer of Vanmerloot Music Pros. He/she can be reached via Personal data that we process Vanmerloot Music Pros processes your personal data because you use our services and/or because you provide this data to us yourself. Below you will find an overview of the personal data that we process: * First and last name * E-mail address Special and/or sensitive personal data that we process Our website and/or service does not intend to collect data about website visitors who are younger than 16 years of age. Unless they have parental or guardian permission. However, we cannot check whether a visitor is older than 16. 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    On this page, you can find out more about the HIGH QUALITY items with which I've chosen to collaborate! Throughout my career as a touring and recording drummer, I made the decision to always use A1 quality handmade equipment and tools. (click on the brand logo for more information)

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