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Coaching for drummers

at the Groove Impact Academy - Arnhem

In the 35 years that I have taught, I have managed to develop from drum teacher to personal COACH.


(I started a private drum school when I was 19, after which I worked under the banner of CODARTS for 13 years. Then I started my practice in 2013 under the name Groove-Impact Academy).


In order not to get stuck in a routine of professional 'teaching', I thought it necessary to continue that development. It all became more interesting when I started the training to master coaching.


With sincere conviction I now bear the responsibility that I have as a COACH.

And when it eventually turns out that the people I have been able to guide have also developed themselves very well in their career, that makes me a happy person!


First let me start by explaining in simple language what the essential difference is between a regular drum lesson and COACHING for drummers.


In a normal drum lesson, the teacher has a lesson program that you follow step by step. In principle, he always shows you what to do. We can say that every drum student will eventually get the same material for his / her choice.


At COACHING it is completely different. Each candidate receives a completely personal treatment, where each individual's development is paramount and the learning route is personal.


With this short description, the real power a COACH is actually greatly diminished.


Let's clear up the fog around the concept of COACH once and for all, so that you know what to expect when you come to my 'class'.



What exactly does COACHING mean and what does a COACH actually do?


* Coaching is a serious profession not a hobby. A real coach is a trained professional who has undergone training in coaching!


* A good coach pays 100% attention to you.


* A good coach is always supportive and positive.


* Disapproval or negativity does not fit in a coaching session. A coach always has a positive focus and emphasizes the good in a situation or in a person.


* A coach provides support and shows the student that he understands what is going on inside him or her.


* A good coach guides you in finding a solution that works for you. Coaching is truly tailor-made. Solutions that work for someone else doesn't always mean that it also works for you!


* A good coach asks you the questions that make you think.


* A good coach goes to the heart of the problem and guides you from there to a solution.


* A good coach is genuinely interested and curious.


* A good coach has a lot of life experience and is good at putting things into perspective.


* A good coach works on the basis of mutual respect.


* A good coach keeps the focus and gives structure to the conversation.


* A good coach motivates.


* A good coach is passionate about his profession and human development. Coaching is a passion. Coaching is more than just work and certainly not a trick. A good coach engages iself-development throughout his life and can share this experience with others. He is permanently interested in human development, happiness and success. He sees helping others in these areas more as a calling than a job.

Groove Impact drummer: Tim Velgersdijk
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What my students / clients say about my work as a coach:

Marcel Kortes (drummer & instructor): "Juan is a warm person and an inspired musician. His enthusiasm for music and drums in particular is very contagious. After not having had lessons for a long time, Juan put me back on the track of studying and was immediately (painful :- )) clear what still needs to be worked on. Juan teaches you to make music on your set. Every lesson is surprising, immediately gives new insights and a boost to play drums (even) more!"

Jitse Tilman (drummer & composer): “There are a lot of drummers who are able to teach you how to play the drums. But there are few drummers and coaches who put the entire lesson at the service of your personal development on the instrument and as a person. Fortunately Juan van Emmerloot is such a drummer/coach. After 3 years of lessons with this wonderful drummer/coach/friend I was able to fulfill my own dreams of musical field and was admitted to the Rotterdam Conservatory. I can recommend everyone to take lessons for at least 1 year. I speak from personal experience that the result after 1 year is astonishing."

Romeo Boganen (artist & songwriter): "I am a songwriter myself and every now and then I have trouble staying positive and motivated.. I usually have a session with Juan once a month, every time I come away I feel completely recharged and I am full of new energy. Juan's strong point is that he can transfer his positive energy to you and I exactly need someone like that! So besides that Juan is a top musician, he is also a very inspiring person."

Matthijs de Ridder (drummer & teacher): "Juan is a very inspiring drum teacher/coach. Over the years I have had lessons from many different drummers at home and abroad and Juan is one of the teachers I still like to come back to for inspiration and coaching."

Top drummers who underwent coaching with Juan included Nicky Loman (Candy Dulfer), Ariën van Weesenbeek (Epica), Stef Broks (Textures), Jordi Geuens (Selah Sue), Sean Dhondt (Qmusic), Wim Van der Westen (K's Choice ), Efraim De Nijs Latuheru (Bo Saris) and many others....

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