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Burnin’ The Rules Biography 

For more than 20 years Juan performed on stage with big musician artists such as Steve Lukather (TOTO), Snowy White (Roger Waters) and Stef Burns (Alice Cooper).

On January 2014 his debut CD album BURNIN THE RULES as well as his 2nd album called TRAPPOLE have been released by independent record label TheRoomRecordings. Both available on iTunes ,Apple Music, Spotify and Deezer.

Stef Burns about CD album Burnin' The Rules:

"My brother and drummer Juan van Emmerloot has made a great CD, Burning the Rules! Creative and musical because that's the way Juan is. Playing drums and percussion and programming yes! But he is also a great writer, arranger and producer.

A man with so much talent, so glad you recorded it all here on this CD so we can all enjoy it! Nicely done my friend!"

Steve Lukather about Burnin' The Rules:

"My dear old friend Juan has made an amazing album here.
I put it on and it made me smile wide and groove and then it pissed me off cause I found out it was HIM playing the guitar and he is RIPPING !!

AND the drums and writing and producing and.. ??
Buy this record before I hurt him physically. He may need the money for a Dr. No one should have all that talent! haha (There are some amazing performances by his guest muso friends as well!). I am really knocked out by this music.

Steve Lukather Sept 2014

Rock Magazine:

”The repertoire of Burnin' the Rules Project is mainly based on instrumental rock songs and tunes that are easy to remember for a big audience...”

Juan's statement:

"Where in the past 10 years the music industry has developed major TV programs such as Idols, X-Factor and the Voice, where the focus is ONLY on the singers...which is not bad....of course not! However, I think the time is right to put the instrumentalists and musicians in the spotlights again!"


For the live tours, Juan choses to work with a new generation of well talented and promising musicians, that know how to work hard to create the band sound that Juan is looking for. Other than that, these musicians have international touring experience and have been on stage for many years with mayor acts such as Postmen and Giovanca.

Juan: "Rock music for me and the boys will always be a fun-experience! For me to be on stage with these guys and tour through Europe it is a real blessing. We create a positive rocking vibe and make our audience move and groove with us!"

“Burnin' the Rules” is:
Juan van Emmerloot - drums
 & lead vocals
Dami Corlazzoli (Postmen / Giovanca) - guitars & backing vocals

Jos Kamps (Eric Steckel) - bass
 & backing vocals

New single: IFO released by:

official review

New album out NOW!

Burnin the Rules - (first album advert-video)
Burnin the Rules - WHY  (live at Drumworld)
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